Gallery property

The last decade of the twentieth century was very difficult for the gallery collection. Due to the emergency condition of the palace building, the exposition was constantly reduced. However, the collection continued to grow. Of course, inflation and lack of funding sometimes disrupted the acquisition of interesting, hard-to-find exhibits. Despite the difficulties, it was during these years that the funds were replenished with two works of the “Domotkanovsky” period by Valentin Serov, a whole collection of pictorial and graphic works by Yu. A. Vasnetsov; G. V. Soroka's painting “View of the Manor “Ostrovky” from the Big Island”, which had been considered missing since 1917, was found and acquired. Works of art donated to the gallery during this period are estimated in the thousands. All this made it possible not only to significantly replenish the existing sections of the collection, but also to begin to form new ones, such as, the “actual” art section.

Currently, the art collection of the gallery has about 32 thousand exhibits. It includes collections of religious ("Old Russian") art of the 14th - 20th centuries, Russian painting, graphic art and sculpture of the 18th - 20th centuries, Western European art of the 15th - 20th centuries, decorative and applied art of Russia, Europe and the East.

One of the best collection of Russian portrait of the XVIII century in Russia, including the rarest works of the era of Peter I (unique among them, dated by 1715, a portrait of a four-year-old girl Panina), is one of the best collections in the collection, both in quality and quantity. the greatest masters of the mid-century: I. Y. Vishnyakov, A. P. Antropov, M. L. Kolokolnikov; the works of AG Venetsianov and masters of his school, works of artists associated with the estate Domotkanovo (Val.A.Serov, M.A. Vrubel, V.A. Favorsky, I.S. Efimov, N. Y. Simonovich-Efimova, V.D. Derviz), Russian landscape painting at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries, Russian sculpture of the twentieth century; a unique, unparalleled collection of other provincial art museums in Russia, a collection of monumental art of the XV - XX centuries. (murals, mosaics, sculpture). In recent years, the department of contemporary art has been actively formed (V.Nasedkin, V.Lukka, T. Novikov, O. and A. Florensky, etc.).