The gallery becomes an independent museum and an art department is created in it.

Thanks to acquisitions from exhibitions held in Tver, separate works of contemporary artists appear. It was in this way that M. K. Sokolov's composition "Tver 1921" turned out to be the only avant — garde work in the collection until recently. But the consistent acquisition of works of artists of the twentieth century (primarily representatives of the official Soviet art) began in 1937, when the gallery, after the collection section was divided into local history and art, became an independent museum and a department of Soviet art was created in it. Works of A. A. Deyneka, A. M. Gerasimov, B. V. Ioganson and other famous artists are acquired directly from the workshops.

As can be seen from the previous story, in contrast to many metropolitan and provincial museums that arose in pre-revolutionary years (for example, the Tretyakov Gallery, Bakhrushin Museum, Saratov Museum), the core of the collection of the Tver Gallery is not the collection of one “patron – founder”. And, nevertheless, one can name two private collections that came in different ways, which significantly influenced the nature of the gallery collection as a whole. One of them was the collection of M. M. Grachev and A. P. Katkova, donated back in 1922. It included several dozens of paintings and drawings by Russian masters, mainly from the 19th century. Among them are the paintings of I. K. Aivazovsky, A. V. Tyranov, M. N. Vorobyov, the Chernetsov brothers, G. I. Semiradsky, which still adorn the halls of the Tver Imperial Palace. The other is the collection of the singer of the Russian private opera G. P. Malikov, who collected works by Russian artists of the late XIX - early XX century. It moved to the gallery gradually: in the 1930s - 1950s, the paintings were purchased from the singer himself, and later from his heirs. The value of this collection is difficult to overestimate. Among the things that included it were such masterpieces as I. Levitan's “Wooded Coast” and “The Bath in the Park” by S. Y. Zhukovsky, four paintings by V. I. Surikov (out of five available in the gallery), works by E. Makovsky, I. E. Repin, M. V. Nesterov, I. I. Mashkov, N. P. Krymov, I. E. Grabar and others (more than 40 exhibits in total). Almost all of them are now an integral part of the permanent exhibition, they represent the gallery collection at the largest Russian and foreign exhibitions, they are published in albums, catalogs, calendars and postcards.