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Tver regional art gallery (TOKG) was founded in 1866 (as part of the "Tver Museum"). It was opened as an independent Museum in 1937.

1929 Art gallery, Museum, 1937 — Kalininskaya regional art gallery, 1990 — present name.

Since 1896 (with a break in 1936-1961.) is located in the building of the Tver Imperial Palace, monument of architecture of XVIII — XIX centuries (architects P. R. Nikitin, M. F. Kazakov, K. I. Rossi, A. I. Rezanov).

The section of ancient Russian art includes icons of the Tver school of XIV-XVI centuries, unique Tver frescoes of XV-XVI centuries, the collection of "Royal gates" and wooden sculpture, a collection of copper sculpture, works by S. Ushakov and other famous icon painters.

In the collection of Russian art XVIII-XX centuries most significant and interesting the following collections: art of XVIII - early XIX centuries (I. Vishnyakov, A. Antropov, F. Rokotov, V. Borovikovsky, S. Shchukin, V. Tropinin; "Rossika"), allegorical and religious paintings of the XVIII century, the works of A. Venetsianov and artists of his school (Soroca, N. Krylov, A. Tyranov, etc.), landscape painting of the turn of XIX -XX centuries (I. Levitan, S. Zhukovsky, K. Korovin, I. Grabar, A. Rylov, A. Stepanov, V. Byalynitsky-Birula, etc.), works of Valentin Serov and artists from his entourage on the estate Domotkanovo (N. Simonovich-Efimova, I. Efimov, V. Derviz, V. Favorsky, etc.), easel and monumental sculpture of the XX century (N. Andreev, V. Mukhina, S. Konenkov, B. Korolyov, I. Shadr, I. frikh-KHL, I. Efimov, A. Zelensky, E. Unknown, O. Komov, etc.).

Collection of Western art includes paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings of Italian, French, German, Dutch, Flemish and other schools of XVI-XX centuries., including L. Crown, A. magnasco, S. de Brye, N. Muhurta, A. Capela, F. Battelli, F. de Troy, C.-J. Vernet, A. Howarda.

The section of arts and crafts is significant and diverse: porcelain and faience of Russia (including the most complete collection of products of Auerbach-Kuznetsov plant in the country (nowadays-Konakov faience plant), numbering about 7000 units of HR.), Europe, East; Russian and European art furniture; art glass, metal products, fabrics, etc.

Tver Imperial Palace

Starting from the XVIII century, the Tver region was built by the architects of the first Russian architectural series: p. R. Nikitin, M. F., Kazakov, A. V. Kvasov, J. M. Felten. Quarenghi, N.. Lvov, V. P. Stasov, K. I. Rossi, O. I. Bove, A. I. Rezanov, I. I. Charlemagne, I. I. Leonidov. On public and private orders they erected various ensembles, koteks or separate buildings, and sometimes ennobled also the whole territories, as, for example, P. R. Nikitin who transformed the provincial city, N. Ah. Lviv, which has equipped the Novotorzhsky district.

The Imperial Palace of Tver is an outstanding monument of Russian architecture. Built for Empress Catherine II in 1763-1778 by The great Russian urban planner P. R. Nikitin, it has repeatedly changed its appearance in more than two centuries, reflecting the styles and tastes of the eras.

Among the most outstanding and having not only local significance of Tver architectural ensembles is the Tver Imperial Palace-a unique monument of Russian architecture of the second half of the XVIII–XIX centuries, associated with the names of architects Peter Romanovich Nikitin (in the period 1763-1778 biennium), Karl Ivanovich Rossi (April-August 1809) and Alexander Ivanovich Rezanov (1864-1871 biennium). Built "peace", for almost 250 years, he warmly extends his wings-" hands " towards Tver and numerous guests of our city. No wonder the people call it" Travel", that is, providing shelter to the traveler.

In many ways, its appeal is due to the fact that the Palace is not only marked by artistic merits, but also is an important part of the national culture, art, history, fanned by the names of the Imperial Romanov house and other famous people whose work and creativity make up the glory and pride of our country.

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